Home Care Guide

Generally, it is recommended for all sofas to be professionally cleaned, preferably by a company that can come to your home so you don’t need to remove the sofa cover. However, there are some things you can do at home to keep your sofa looking fresh and new, for years to come.

Little Spills

If you do have a liquid spill, please use kitchen roll or similar to absorb the liquid by patting (not rubbing), use a lot and do it quickly. Please don’t leap into the kitchen, grab the nearest cloth from the sink and rub vigorously, it will spoil the fabric and there may be cleaning agent on the cloth which could bleach the colour out.

Plump it up

To keep the seat and back cushions looking fresh ensure that you plump them up at least once a week. On some of our models, the cushions are also reversible, so ensure you flip and rotate the cushions often, as you would with a mattress, to minimise the sinking effect and to maintain comfort.

Keep sofas out of direct sunlight

If your upholstery is likely to be in direct sunlight, it may be useful to draw your curtains on the sunniest of days. This will prevent fading of the fabric, and help it to look fresher for longer.

Vacuuming the fabric.

If you feel the urge to vacuum your sofa, please ensure that the sofa/upholstery attachment available on most vacuum cleaners is used; this will help prevent damage to the fabric.

Moving your sofa

When it comes to moving the sofa ensure it is carefully lifted by the base by at least two people. Do not lift by cushions, fabric or move the sofa by sliding/ dragging it around. If you do move house do not stand the sofa on its end, or pile all your worldly possessions on it, it may not work properly afterwards.

General Use


Your sofa has comfy seat and back cushions, so don’t sit on the arms, it can make the frame squeak or work loose. Your lovely active little kiddiewinks probably have a trampoline in the garden, best they use that and not the sofa to burn off energy. All other activities adult or otherwise should be fine!

Our sofas are designed for humans, animals are welcome to share, but claws and paws may snag the fabric and the hair, well you know the score god love ’em.

Always worth checking the legs are tightly screwed in every so often, the most common issue with frames is a loose leg. They screw in so we can deliver them more easily.

Please always ensure when lifting a sofa to move it that you assume the correct posture as shown in the image above. Always lift with your legs, not with your back.

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